About Us

For the last forty years, the job of our family has consisted in crafting premium footwear. A lot of things have changed for better during this four decades, but, within the world of shoemaking, not all changes have been for good.

Over the years, and even if technology has advanced a lot, shoes have drifted ever-lower in quality: our pairs used to be bespoke or produced on a small scale, glued by hand and sew with attention. Now sneakers are the result of mass production processes, made in an assembly line and finished without care.

We wanted to change that, so, in 2013, we pioneered Sneep Crew with the aim of adapting the family tradition to the new trends in the industry and the market. Our philosophy consists in integrating artisanal work and technological advances in order to produce top quality sneakers. Their design and their manufacturing are borne by us and take place entirely in Spain. Their sale, too. By cutting out the middleman, we can offer premium sneakers at a competitive price.

We do it this way because we want the finishing touches of every pair to reflect our lifelong experience as shoemakers. We guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.