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RW Eco Dreams

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On this occasion we present a color combination, for which a white base has been used, as the main element of the shoe, covering a large part of it and combined with details in blue and fluorine orange. The midsole has a white color, which covers the surface. The materials that have been used in the manufacture of this premium sneaker, have been a selection of cowhide, combined with details in patent leather. The midsole is built with light foam, achieving a very low final weight, while providing greater comfort and efficiency in each step.


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One of our first creations and a premium sneaker, which we cannot fail to include in each of our new collections and that perfectly defines the style and quality we offer in each of our products. A unique silhouette, which is full of quality, we leave you with the fabulous Sneep Crew Eco Change Dreams.


This is one of our first premium silhouettes, a sneaker that has become a fundamental piece in our catalog. We offer in each new collection a wide variety of combinations of color and materials, so that it is very easy to find the option that best suits for your needs. Always taking care of even the smallest details, to get a product of inimitable quality.

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