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RW Eco Apolitics

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On this occasion we have a color combination, in which we have used a black base, as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering much of it and that varies in intensity, depending on the area and material, all this combined with details in white and shades in a red color, the materials we have chosen for the manufacture of this new premium sneaker, have been a selection of premium suede, combined premium leather panels and velvet details, the midsole is made of foam, achieving greater comfort and lightness.


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Another of our latest additions, this new premium sneaker, has an upper inspired by our classic Sneep Eco Change, but varying different elements, getting a new perspective, as we always offer the best quality materials and 100% work in Spain.


Always trying to improve in each new silhouette that we introduce in the market, without losing our characteristic essence, this is how this new Sneep Crew RW Eco was born, a silhouette in which we have been inspired by the classic models of the late 80s and early 90s , but adding our personal touch, getting excellent results, all made with premium materials, which raise the quality of this new premium sneaker and presented in a very successful color combination.


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