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Pro Zool Camel

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On this occasion we have a color combination, in which a camel tone has been used as the main element of the silhouette which we can see covering almost all of it, except for small details in silver gray, or in salmon color. In the midsole a white base is used, which completely covers the surface, the materials that have been used in the manufacture of this premium sneaker, have been a selection of premium nubuck, combined with leather details, the average sole is built with foam and signed by the Italian house Vibram, synonymous with quality and efficiency.


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The latest modifications of one of our most emblematic silhouettes, this time we treated our beloved Sneep Crew Zool, in which we have used a new midsole, with performance touches, giving this classic a new aesthetic, in addition to new benefits.


This is one of our latest modifications, using one of our most requested classics, using the upper of the classic Snep Crew Zool, adding a new generation floor, which offers a series of features, which get a very versatile and functional sneaker, perfect for the day to day and devour the city, this new version benefits from the latest technological advances, but retaining that retro style that characterizes us so much, without a doubt a work of quality and exquisite finishes.


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