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Evo Trout

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On this occasion we have a color combination with a navy blue base used as the main element of the shoe, which we can see covering much of it and that has been combined with a salmon color, on the average sole we found a white base, with the upper part in medium grey, the materials we have used in the manufacture of this premium sneaker, have been a selection of premium nubuck, combined with premium suede panels, in the midsole we have used foam, with which we achieve greater comfort, lightness and durability.


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Without a doubt this is one of the silhouettes that best represent us, introduced in the market in 2012, the Sneep crew Evo is a fundamental piece in our new collections, in this new installment we have opted for a combination of color and very effective materials , which highlight its magnificent lines, providing great quality.


This is one of the first designs that we introduced in the market in 2012, a silhouette with retro details, which perfectly shows the spirit of our young brand, as in each new collection, we offer new combinations of color and materials, maintaining live the legacy of this magnificent Sneep Crew Evo, which as always and with each of our products, we manufacture with passion in our factory located in Alicante, obtaining the hallmark “Made In Spain”, something that very few can do today and that translates into a premium product.


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