RW ECO BIZARRO, only for the brave

RW ECO BIZARRO, only for the brave

The history of Sneepcrew has always been a constant search of our own way, where tradition, technology, love for the sneaker culture and urban fashion have been the foundations of everything. In a world which industries seems that only want to earn money at the cost of lowering qualities and selling cheap stuff for the highest prices. In Sneepcrew we bet on quality, care in details, limited launches and making sneakers for sneaker lovers. This path we have taken is the most difficult, but it’s the one we like and it’s the one we want to stick to our brand, our artisan manufacturing process and our prices.

The RW ECO BIZARRO comes to describe all that path that from the beginning we’ve decided to continue with many victories and some defeats that we have encountered throughout all these years trying to differentiate ourselves from the international wild market. The colorway is inspired by that path that we decided to take in which the contrast of black and white shows the loses and wins all the way through our journey.

The silhouette chosen for this launch, couldn’t be other than the RW ECO with a midsole handmade by our artisans, a classic upper but with personality and a Gum sole that will delight the most purist collectors. The RW ECO BIZARRO are a sample of our work for years and are now available for reservation in our launches tab. Do not miss your pair!

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